Okay i’m just gonna take it as a sign of how much music sucks today that I’m listening to an obscure 80’s funk track to the beat of Lyle lifting giant milk jugs.

Take Time with Pat Boone 

I used to work for the guy who wrote this. Oddly enough, he was morbidly obese. And a douchebag.

Optibody feat. Carol Alt (by resetcounter)

Finesse Hair Workout (by resetcounter)

I hate chunk food. I only like to get vegetable.

Jimmy Connors’ Tennis

Tawny Kitaen (Kathy Kaelher Fitness System) (by resetcounter)

I remember Frank Zagarino from Command And Conquer:Tiberian Sun(1999),where he played the role of Anton Slavik…Brings back good memories..Wikipedia does not say much about him…The guy is so charismatic,I wonder why he is not so popular
YouTube comment - Frank Zagarino’s Fitness for Life