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Dec 15

“Okay i’m just gonna take it as a sign of how much music sucks today that I’m listening to an obscure 80’s funk track to the beat of Lyle lifting giant milk jugs.” — comment on Lyle Alzado - War with the Weights


Jul 14

“I used to work for the guy who wrote this. Oddly enough, he was morbidly obese. And a douchebag.” — comment on Larry “Bud” Melman - Couch Potato Workout



Jul 01

“I hate chunk food. I only like to get vegetable.” — Arnold Schwarzenegger Fitness Express - Intro - YouTube

Jan 28


May 30

Apr 18


Mar 17

“I remember Frank Zagarino from Command And Conquer:Tiberian Sun(1999),where he played the role of Anton Slavik…Brings back good memories..Wikipedia does not say much about him…The guy is so charismatic,I wonder why he is not so popular” — YouTube comment - Frank Zagarino’s Fitness for Life

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